Dr. Victor Sun Introduces the Diode Soft Tissue Laser


Dr. Sun and the Victor Sun, DDS team has proudly introduced The Diode Soft Tissue Laser as a treatment option to their patients. The Diode Soft Tissue Laser is a state-of-the-art dental device that has revolutionized the application of periodontal treatments by delivering a combination of increased precision, along with dramatically improved comfort for patients undergoing procedures for a wide variety of gum problems.

Reduced need for surgery = Happier patients!

The technology behind the Diode Soft Tissue Laser employs a precisely directed beam of high-energy light that effectively performs exacting incisions into sensitive gum tissue. This was once a procedure that required the intervention of specialized oral surgeons.

With this new technique, patients suffering from infected gum pockets, periodontal bleeding, and similar gingival problems, can receive relief from such conditions through the application of laser bacterial reduction right in the office of their general dental practitioner.

By eliminating the need for conventional scalpel incisions, suturing, and anesthetics, the Diode Soft Tissue Laser helps reduce patient anxiety over such invasion treatments and offers immediately available relief from the pain and discomfort associated with a host of common gum conditions.

Advantages offered by the Diode Soft Tissue Laser

Not only does this new technology allow Dr. Sun’s patients to receive less invasive treatments in the comfort and convenience of their dentist’s office, but if also delivers some definite benefits to doctor and patient alike. These include:

  • Essentially pain free treatments
  • Dramatically reduced post-operative inflammation
  • Elimination of need for injections

Dr. Victor Sun has been utilizing the Diode Soft Tissue Laser since January of 2013 as part of his effort to deliver a full range of patient centered dental services direct from his offices in Lindsay, Ontario. Patients wishing to learn more about Dr. Sun’s practice, laser tissue treatments, and the full range of services he provides, can visit his website here or by calling (705) 324-0050 to set up a appointment for an evaluation.

Victor Sun, DDS proudly serves.. Lindsay, Cameron, Cambray, Kinmount, Kirkfield, Pontypool, Rosedale, Bethany, Woodville, Cannington, Minden, Haliburton, Oakwood, Omemee, Fenelon Falls, Little Britain, Downeyville, Dunsford, Bobcaygeon, and the surrounding communities.



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